This is what winning looks like


Before. During. After. After.

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Photographer Lalage Snow takes pictures of soldiers’ faces before, during and after the war in Afghanistan. Source: Mme Scherzo

Letter To Home

“Starve The Beast, Don’t Join The Military” – War Veteran

Originally posted on The Red Pill:
Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, Popeye talks about his experiences with Veteran Affairs and some of the mistreatment that happened to himself and to others. From Due…

…And The Past Can Hurt Me No More

Those little reminders;

I Was (No) Sacrifice.

It’s not a nice feeling being a sacrifice. Soldier’s might sacrifice some of the luxuries of their western world, but be assured they still have temptations in an eastern one…

“Have fun with your family at Christmas, I’ll be in a war zone!”

One thing that struck me in one of the last e-mails I ever received from my B.B, was the type of unreasonable arguments that didn’t add up. There were many, but this was… Continue reading

Remembering, but reconfiguring.

  I love some of the memories that I had created with my B.B. Love, not loved. Each time I hear one of ‘those songs’ on the radio my heart used to ache… Continue reading

“Look Honey, Three Soldier’s!”

I took my Mother out of town for a drive for Mother’s Day this morning, to visit the markets.  Whilst I was there I noticed three dressed up Army personnel in my proximity. There… Continue reading

Facebook Was Not Helpful In B.B Deployment

When my B.B started his deployment, he didn’t have his Facebook activated. At the time I didn’t have a Facebook. However two months into the deployment, I decided to make a Facebook to… Continue reading