Portrayal of PTSD.

Hype has been occurring tonight around a media interview with soldier’s dealing with PTSD. So much focus is always on the soldier, but never the extended family. By spotlighting the soldier with PTSD how is it helping others affected, with no treatment provided for them? 

When my ex B.B cheated on me, my world fell apart, and I had nobody to talk to. Nobody understood what it was like spending every day worried that he was going to be killed. He returned home to attention and care, whilst I was abandoned, jobless, and now without a partner. 

There was treatment for depression but nothing for the confrontation that I had dealing with ‘defence from a distance’. When I was with him for 1/2 a deployment, in that time I observed a lot from him sharing it with me. I heard about rocket attacks on the phone and was just as scared for his life. 

So now that PTSD is recognised, how about the media stops using it to inform soldiers, and starts expanding it and acknowledging the wider emotional impact on the community too? 

I did lose my B.B in a deployment, but it wasn’t due to any rocket attack…but a sharp personality change that he was happy with that left me in a turmoil. The media doesn’t consider PTSD in reverse. But it needs to.