Facebook Was Not Helpful In B.B Deployment

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When my B.B started his deployment, he didn’t have his Facebook activated. At the time I didn’t have a Facebook. However two months into the deployment, I decided to make a Facebook to keep in touch with my friends but mainly to have a connection with his family who were the only ones I thought understood what I was going through. At one stage when I had written a post about not dealing well, a random added me on Facebook. To this day, I believe that this random was him trying to suss out my Facebook activity and read the post I wrote about the stress (his family would have referred him to). In all fairness, the ‘I’m not coping’ post was after a phone call where he told me he had put in an expression of interest to be deployed again. It made me upset not that he wanted to return, because I would’ve worked around that, but that he thought that it was not important to discuss with me in the slightest.

Soon after this strange stalker, he broke up with me using the excuse that I wasn’t coping, even though I had displayed no signs of that to him as I always internalised the pain for his sake. Yet I noticed he reactivated his Facebook account despite telling me when we were together he wasn’t interested in it. Can’t help but think all that wasn’t a coincidence. I think he was looking for an excuse to get rid of me, maybe even using Facebook as that excuse knowing that his phone call would upset me and I’d share it with my friends and family.

What are your experiences with social media on a deployment? Yay or nay?