“Have fun with your family at Christmas, I’ll be in a war zone!”

One thing that struck me in one of the last e-mails I ever received from my B.B, was the type of unreasonable arguments that didn’t add up. There were many, but this was one I was struck by. 

The last wish he told me breaking up with me in November, was to have fun with my family at Christmas because he will be stuck in a war zone. 

I didn’t know what else he would expect, considering he signed up to go over there. Was he expecting it to be not a war zone! 

And the fact that he thought I would be having fun, showed me how inconsiderate some soldier’s can be of the persons role back home. 

Sitting by yourself at Christmas with your family wasn’t my idea of fun when my other half was elsewhere. 

I wasn’t sure what he was thinking when he said this, but blaming me was not fair at all. Yet by this e-mail he had also told me that he had put in another expression of interest to be deployed again. Really hating it, huh? Can anyone make sense of this or is it just me?