Prince Deployed.

Regardless of his intentions or not, how does a royal member serving go for publicity? It’s disgraceful. Yes he wants to serve his country which is admirable but just look at a content… Continue reading


Insightful blog that describes that a deployment is no excuse for treating others unfairly. We fight the war from home, and soldier’s need to be sympathetic not selfish about that; Revelations.  

Is Rape a Hazard of Military Service?

Originally posted on The Soulful Veteran's Blog:
The Associated Press reports, “Sexual assaults in the military are a growing epidemic across the services and thousands of victims are still unwilling to come…

Portrayal of PTSD.

Hype has been occurring tonight around a media interview with soldier’s dealing with PTSD. So much focus is always on the soldier, but never the extended family. By spotlighting the soldier with PTSD… Continue reading

The sound of reconstruction

The Helpers

Go Ahead, Change

But a leopard doesn’t change it spots, does it.

Memory-training as treatment for depression and PTSD

Originally posted on Mirrorgirl:
Depression and PTSD: To feel overwhelmed by memories Earlier this year, I was updated on the latest new in the treatment of depression and PTSD. I use EMDR a…

Civilian Cheated On By Deployed Base Baby (BB).

All the time images are spread across the Internet about ‘wives who cheat on a deployed soldier should go to hell.’ But nobody ever mentions the deployed soldiers who leave their wives whilst… Continue reading

Holding It In, Letting Go

Holding It In, Letting Go.